Tupac Amarus : geografias audibles y territorios itinerantes

Tupac Amarus_Galarreta_Tsonami 2015_3A text about my installation “Tupac Amarus” was published some moths ago in “La Juguera Magazine” (25/11/2014, Valparaiso – Chile ). Read it here


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Dj Sajjra, Chris Corsano & more – May 2 @ Vrooom # 26


SATURDAY, MAY 2, 2015:


– DJ SAJJRA (pe)

location: DE PLAYER – Hillelaan 49d, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 / curfew: 01:00 / entrance: €6

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Galarreta in “Dosis Magazine” #14, article by Helene Ramos

Download Dosis Magazine #14


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Interview for an installation of Mikel Nieto

installation Mikel Nieto 2015installation Mikel Nieto 2015 2

It was a collaboration for an installation presented @ FASE 2015 (Errant Bodies, Berlin) .    Interviews with (in alphabetical order): Oren Ambarchi (Australia), Gilles Aubry (Switzerland), Jose Manuel Berenguer (Spain), Xabier Erkizia (Spain), Christian Galarreta (Peru), Ruben Garcia (Spain), John Gzrinich (Estonia), Carl Michael von Hausswolff (Sweden), Zbigniew Karkowski (Poland), Francisco Lopez (Spain), Alex Medizabal (Spain), Israel Martinez (Mexico), Manuel Rocha Iturbide (Mexico), Rodrigo Sigal (Mexico).
More info here
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Dj Sajjra & Joshua Abrams this Sunday 12 @ WORM, Rotterdam

Sajjra @ St Ettienne by Iaaai Sajjra @ St Ettiene photo by Iaaai
■ DJ SAJJRA (pe)
Founder of the Aloardi collective from Lima / Peru: DJ Sajjra will play a crossbreed of “post-apocalyptic pop, roughed up Andean folk, Peruvian chicha, new/no wave, and all kinds of underground stuff from sixties til now” – all from South America! Sounds crazy? Maybe so, but this stuff will get you going one way or another!
■ JOSHUA ABRAMS NATURAL INFORMATION SOCIETY feat. Lisa Alvarado & Frank Rosaly (us)
Natural Information Society is the name of Abrams’ group that formed in the wake of his records for Eremite. Live the music centers around the sound of the guimbri (a Gnawan lute), integrating composition and improvisation to create hypnotic, highly rhythmic, psychedelic environments with an orientation towards uplift. This incarnation of Natural Information Society will also feature Lisa Alvarado on harmonium and Frank Rosaly on drums.
Composer and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Abrams has released eight albums, collaborated on over a hundred recordings, and composed soundtracks for Steve James’ “Life Itself”, the Emmy award winning “The Interrupters”, and Bill Siegel’s “The Trials of Muhammad Ali”. The New York Times describes his 2012 record, ‘Represencing’ (Eremite) as “music that hints at the ceremonial without losing its modern bearings” and The Wire named his record ‘Natural Information’ (Eremite) one of the top 50 recordings of 2010. The Village Voice picked his record Unknown Known as “one of the top 10 jazz albums of 2013”. He was a founding member of the “back porch minimalism” collective Town and Country and with Matana Roberts and Chad Taylor, the trio Sticks and Stones.
Joshua Abrams – guimbri, double bass
Lisa Alvarado – harmonium
Frank Rosaly – drums
online presale 6 | door: 7  door: 20:00 / concert 20:30
Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA Rotterdam
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Wednesday 1st @ The Hague concerts of SAJJRA & BLING

Villa-K Friends,
Be welcome this Wednesday 1/4 for our next Dinnerkafe, with a 3 course meal prepared by chef-team Stefano & Ruben, followed by Koncerts by Sajjra & Bling. Join us for good food, nice company and loud music!
Sajjra (Chrs Galarreta) – Harsh Pop
Bling (Yorrit Bling) – Casiotone + Feedback improvisation
Dinner-DJ: Jurn Backspace

Sajjra live @ casa Nostromo Santiago 29 11 2014 03 web
Sajjra @ Casa Nostromo Santiago – Chile (29 11 2014) . Photo by Romina Pacheco
Place: Villa K – Violenweg 2 Den Haag
Date: April 1 2015
Time: 19hrs, dinner will be served at 19.30, concerts start 20.30
Cost: Food 3,50 + suggested donation 2-5 euro to support the musicians

t: +31647794854
e: info@stichtingcentrum.org
i: http://www.stichtingcentrum.org/
k: Kvk no. 27354342
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March 28 and 29 curating Aloardi events @ The Hague and Rotterdam

I am curating some events with Aloardi collective (currently Gabriel Catillo Aguero & Janneke van der Putten), come to join us!
Aloardi event 28 03 2015 web

aloardi event 29 march 2015_web

Aloardi presents in concert:
Born in Merida, Venezuela in 1972. Plastic Artist, expert hunter mosquitoes and wingedscorpions, cook and collector of stamps. Microbio Records founder (one of the first netlabels south america), Biodata netlabel, Cuchara y Angustia. He has published most of his sound work in internet under various pseudonyms as FLN, Cho and The Martirs Like Eric and Dylan, Niopo Poreri, among others. He has released on labels like MP3death, Series Media, Sudamericaelectronica, AMP rec, Espais Netlab, Plataforma Records. Ideologist of South America Electronica projects (first meeting online electronic music), Radio Microbio, SUR Radio, Radio Rakumin.
Sonic activist, composer, performer, researcher, born 1969 in Switzerland, based in Zürich. solo-works as dave phillips/dp since 1987. part of SCHIMPFLUCH-GRUPPE (with Rudolf Eb.er/Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Marc Zeier/G*Park, Joke Lanz/Sudden Infant etc.) since 1991. founder of OHNE in 2000 (with Tom Smith, Daniel Löwenbrück, Reto Mäder). co-founder of hardcore-extremists FEAR OF GOD in 1986. oneman-doom-project dead peni since 2004.
The Field Rrcordings set uses raw and untreated recordings made in natural habitats in thailand, vietnam, indonesia, ecuador and switzerland, of insects, amphibians, mammals, weather and other natural, non-human phenomena. individual tracks are layered and mixed into a composition. no effects or manipulations of the sound sources are applied. this set evokes a force of nature and addresses the importance of the insect world for human existence in the form of an accompanying text on a leaflet distributed in the audience at the end of the set.
Anemone Tube was founded 1996 in South-Germany; since 2010 based in Berlin. The audioworks of Anemone Tube are a unique blend of dark ambient, noise, industrial and soundart with a strong psychogenic impact. The use of constantly shifting and altering sounds and moods is possibly one of the most intruiging things about the audio creations of Anemone Tube.
The “Dream Landscape” performance is psychologically and emotionally monopolising and increasingly intense – with a strong narrative quality it functions like a soundtrack to a film (an excerpt of the 80s movie “Angst” by Georg Kargl), intriguing the audience and evoking a sustained reflection. With the use of synthesizer, feedback, field-recordings and vocals Anemone Tube creates psychogenic ambient/noise and power-electronics along.
info: www.aloardi.org
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Residency @ Errant Bodies / Concert @ Ausland – Berlin

Chrs & Jnnk live at Barranco 2 1 2015 by Musuk Nolte (web)Chrs & jnnk live at Lima – Barranco 02/01 /2015 photo by Musuk Nolte

Mini-residency together with Janneke van der Putten @
Errant Bodies
, Kollwitzstrasse 97, 10435 Berlin
Wednesday 4 March, 20h00, Presentation.

Doors 20h30, start 21h00, concert
Ausland, Lychener Str. 60, 10437 Berlin

* Between 1 and 5 March Christian Galarreta and Janneke van der Putten come to Berlin in a collaboration between the platforms Errant Bodies (curated by Brandon LaBelle) and Ausland (curated by Paul Roth). In Errant Bodies they will work in continuation of their project ‘Invisible Architecture’ and explore the acoustics of the project space, to see its possibilities for a performance. Previously they explored the acoustic architecture of a tower through its surrounding sounds, subtle acoustic phenomena and the human voice. Resonances and reverberations were emphasized and prolonged through vocal interaction with sound space and not-conventional different microphone techniques. The compositions have been published in a LP with silkscreened cover (edition of 300) by label Aloardi in July 2014. Here is a link to listen.
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New release in Fragment Factory

DAVE PHILLIPS & CHRS GALARRETA “The Invisible Cage of Comfort”
C-30 cassette

frag33 dsc slip

Live collaboration recorded at Oslo 10, Basel/Switzerland, 31 May 2014 on side A plus a fully new piece by DP (CH) and CG (Peru) on the flipside, based on their solo live sets performed and recorded the same night. Processed and mixed by DP/CG.

High bias chrome cassette with white on-body print, housed in printed cardboard slipcase.


Listen HERE! order HERE!
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14/02/2015 > Concerts & Microferia @ Evasion 4

???????????????????????CONCIERTO  y  MICROFERIA DE SELLOS INDEPENDIENTES  / Sábado 14 de Febrero / 7:00 p.m

(link facebook)
Av. Maria Parado de Bellido 920 – Independencia – (referencia frente ala estación Izaguirre del Metropolitano – grifo Tupac Amaru
Actos en vivo: Sajjra, Paruro, Invisible Architecture + Chrs & JNK, Itsutsu, Delirios Kronikos + VeheMentes Nálov, Jardin, Iri, Dreamworks, Vesania, Tica, Ortiga, Jgruu, Alcaloide, The ex girlsfriends dead, Basurales, Porno stars.
Microferia de Sellos Independientes: Dorog Records, Alaordi, Superspace, Chip Musik, Grita, Cuaderno Roto, Buh Records, Noxa Recs
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