Tupac Amarus (feedback sound-light installation)

Fading the border between performer and audience, in this installation the audience becomes part of the performance, where the energy, the intensity and the dynamics of sound and light will be affected by their acts: by touching the cans and the computer cases, by scraping them, moving them or making noise close to them. The installation also can be affected by itself and by the sound around, which generate the emergency of sound-light behaviours, even without direct human activity. The sudden outage of the sound and lights causes effects in our perception and plays with the permanency of the sound-light shapes in the retina and the memory. To read more about the concept of this installation and how it is related to the Peruvian socio-political context, click here:  En / Fr / Es
Video and photos of the installation in Tsonami Festival (Valparaiso, 12/2014)

Videos and photos of the installation test in Nantes and The Hague