Spain / Portugal Tour October-November 2016

14.10 Valencia @ Espai d´art contemporani de Castelló
15.10 Barcelona @ Magia Roja
18.10 Madrid @ Delia Bodega Club
20.10 Madrid @ La Nave –  Legazpi
21.10 Pontevedra @ Liceo Mutante
25.10 Montemor-O-Novo @ Convento de San Francisco / FB event
27.10 Lisboa @ Lounge Bar
28.10 Sevilla @ La Casa de Max / FB
29.10 Murcia @ Sonodrome Fest. (Bar El Congreso)
31.10 Murcia @ La Postiza
02.11 Malaga @ Experimenta Malaga
03.11 Malaga @ La Caverna
04.11 Almeria @ Morada Sonica
(More dates between Pontevedra & Montemor-O-Novo to be announced soon, stay in touch!)

18_10_2016_madrid-delia25_10_2016_montemor_0_novo 29_10_2016_murcia samahin-1 04_11_2016_morada_sonica

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Participacion in ‘Electromagnetic Sensings’ Compilation CD

The track ‘Traffic signal boxes and tramlines’ from my still unpublished release ‘Raw Field Recordings II: Electromagnetic Detritus’ appears in the compilation ‘Electromagnetic Sensings’ of LOM label (Slovakia) .Thanks to Jonáš Gruska for it!. To listen or buy all the compilation visit the website of the label . My track is a mono field recording of electrosmog taked during one of my workshops (Rhiz Bar – Vienna, 17/07/2012). The track is part of a selection of raw material without overdubs or effects. The different types of electromagnetic transducers and their positions, as well as the spatial conditions, influenced the acoustic dynamics and saturations of these sounds. Play it loud!

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Invisible Architecture / ‘AudioDH’ compilation in Todays Art Festival 2016

The piece “Acoustic Reflections Of One Voice In A Church (live Recording)” by Invisible Architecture (my project with Janneke van der Putten) was published in the compilation ‘AudioDH : Sonic Manifestations from 250 artist from Den Haag’. The collection of tracks was curated by Francisco Lopez and Barbara Ellison. The compilation was presented Thursday September 22nd at Korzo’s main hall as part of Todays Art Festival. To listen to our track, visit or click on the link below, and to listen to the compilation visit Our track is a raw recording of one human voice reverberating in the space (the church) , finding the frequency of resonance that get the best energy to generate a continuum. Play it Loud and Enjoy!

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My tracks between the “15 jewels of Peruvian Ambient” list

Some of my projects are mentioned between the “15 jewels of Peruvian Ambient”. Thanks to Wilder Gonzales Agreda (SperSpaceRecords, Peruavantgarde blog).

About my release ‘Invisible Architecture’: “Lanzado en vinilo en Holanda el pasado 2014 “Invisible Architecture” y sus secuelas son las alturas más enigmáticas, rajadas y jode-mentes a las que ha llegado el genio de Chrs Galarreta, aquí junto a la vocalista Janneke Van Der Putten. En “Invisible Architecture” el sonido llega a ser una experiencia física y luminosa.”
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New Cassette Release “And The Voice Became Space”

The sound of my installation “Kanichu Manchu Icha Llullacunichu” is available now in cassette via Fougére Musique Label (France). I called the release “And The Voice Became Space”. If you want to buy the cassette please visit the bandcamp site of the label (link below). This installation was part of “La Grande Exposition D’Art Sonore #1” (Nantes, 2011). Because a confrontation with the organizers of that exhibition, my piece had been censured by them, so my credits are omitted  in their on-line documentation about this exhibition. To read more about the content of my installation and to find images of the exhibition’s catalogue (without censorship), please visit this link. PLAY IT LOUD!

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Tour September 2016

Sajjra (PE/NL), Dirar Kalash (PS), Fureau Keel Vril (FR) & Rummaging (UK) supported by Mathieu BB (FR)
3.9 Paris @ Chair De Poule – Dj Sajjra
4.9 Tours @ Colette Bar – Fureau + Sajjra
5.9 Ancenis @ Mathiew’s Farm – Fureau + Sajjra + Mathieu BB
6.9 Ancenis @ Beach of Loire – Fureau + Rummaging + Sajjra + Mathieu BB.
7.9 Rennes @ Le Terminus – Sajjra (PE/NL) + Chinnsniffer (UK)
8.9 Le Havre @ Pied Nu – Fureau + Rummaging + Sajjra
9.9 Amiens @ Acceuil Froid – Fureau + Rummaging + Sajjra
10.9 Den Haag @ De Vinger – Fureau + Rummaging + Sajjra +Dirar Kalash
13.9 Rotterdam @ Paviljoen aan het Water – Fureau + Rummaging + DJ Sajjra
15.9 Amsterdam @ Butcher’s Tears – Fureau + Rummaging + DJ Sajjra
16.9 Hannover @ Overdeck – Fureau + Rummaging + DJ Sajjra
19.9 Bruselles @ klein eiland – Fureau + Rummaging + Sajjra
21.9 Rouen @ Le 3 Pièces – Fureau + Sajjra
22.9 Paris @ Cmptrmtmtcs – Fureau + Sajjra

8_9_2016 9_9_201610_9_201613_9_2016_b

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Aloardi Solstice Noise Procession


To celebrate the solstice , we design special dresses to dance and walk around the streets.  As part of our dresses we build some circuits that reacts to the sun-light and we mix these sounds with Andean traditional dance music specially distorted  for this occasion. The audience join us with some sound instruments that they bring to play during the celebration. Below some pictures of Aurora, Sajjra & Castillo, the Aloardi clan in metamorphosis some hours before the procession.

Photos by Mihail Bakalov

“Yesterday evening joined an absolute great event and show in R’dam Noord. First a book presentation by Patricia Pinheiro de Sousa at our printer de Boog followed up by a street parade by artist collective Aloardi (artists from Peru) to celebrate their traditional beginning of summer. They were all dressed up with masks and colorfull dresses…we all had to make sound/music. The walk ended at galerie Mirta DeMare for the finissage of the show Do It With Us by artist who participate in Filmwerkplaats workshop. Around twelve 16mm projection spread all over the galerie. SUPER! I think this is the most exiting show I have seen in a long time” (Robert Hamenlijck)

See review and more pictures of the procession in Robert Hamenlijck’s Facebook link
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Aloardi Black Sheep Tour


Gabriel Castillo (PE)
Muozik (PL)
Aurora (NL)
Krapoola (SP)
Sajjra (PE)
02 Paris @ Kim’s Bar
10 Rotterdam
15 Berlin
16 Warsaw @ Turkusowy Domek
17 Vilnius @ Yucatan Bar Extension
18 Kaliningrad
19 Warsaw
20 Berlin
24 Rotterdam (Aloardi Procession) @ Mirta Demare Art Gallery
After Party with Dj Sajjra (chichadelia, noise folk and Peruvian underground) .This event is possible thanks to the ALOARDI EXCHANGE PROGRAM 2016 curated by Janneke van der Putten
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* Do It With Us * Exhibition @ Mirta Demare Art gallery


‘Do It With Us’
29 May – 25 June 2016
Mirta Demare Art gallery, Rotterdam

Bergsingel 176-B, 3037 GN Rotterdam, NL
Open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 13:00 – 18:00hrs and by appointment.

With Aloardi (Gabriel Castillo Aguero, Christian Galarreta), Filmwerkplaats (Nan Wang, Yoana Buzova, Judith van der Made, Juul van der Laan, Bart Koppe, Coen Janssen, Patrícia Chaves) and misprint-it (Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa). Curated by Janneke van der Putten

Exhibition ‘Do It With Us’ presents a programme with three artist-initiatives that share their creative processes in a group or a collective. Aloardi, Filmwerkplaats and misprint-it are examples of platforms that exchange knowledge and ideas by creating alternative learning situations or environments. Through their practices, they contribute to a vital cultural field of artistic experiments and actions such as film, publications, sounds, and workshops.

Inspired by the vitality of encounters and interactions, Aloardi, Filmwerkplaats and misprint-it develop their own tools and methods, contributing to a repertoire of artistic forms brought back into the cultural field. Their performative projects, for instance, often deal with (mis)used analogue and digital technologies. An example of this is reusing trash, hacking the functionality of devices, generating feedback or intervening on found footage.

Looking at the world through an attitude that confronts daily life reality, more than the arts, and using error and failure as a starting point, they play with the status quo that is inspired by their collective spirit. The members and partners of Aloardi, Filmwerkplaats and misprint-it deal with a sense of community in a society that has all the inspiration needed to vitalize that what is already there.
Flyer design by Gabriel Castillo Aguero and Gisella Lopez Ginocchio with a picture of Bobby Peru.

Programme ‘Do It With Us’
Sunday 29 May
15:00 – 15:10hrs,
Introduction talk
15:10 – 15:30hrs, Artist talk with participants
15:30hrs, Public event with audience participation ‘Everyone a Double-Sided Sheet (a collective action book)’ by misprint-it
For the exhibition opening misprint-it would like to invite the audience to produce a ‘common book’, to which each person visiting the exhibition can contribute with one sheet (4 pages). The interventions can be very simple, or very elaborate. Think for instance of a nine year old who really wants to take time to fill up her/his page, or for instance, a thirty-one who doesn’t feel like participating but still decides to contribute with a blank page. Everything is possible. This ‘artist book’ is open to everyone, to every schedule, but still, it will be exclusive to the time frame of the exhibition. All the pages will be presented in the exhibition as well the process of binding this book together, during during the following week. The book should be ready half-way the exhibition and available for the finissage, where everyone will be invited to see it/read it.

Saturday 11 June, 13:00 – 18:00hrs,
Graffiti Text – film by Filmwerkplaats
Sunday 12 June, 11:00 – 15:00hrs, ‘artist’s books’ by misprint-it
Sunday 12 June, 15:00 – 18:00hrs, ‘Circuit Bending with Greeting Cards’ by Aloardi
For reservation & info email to Per day 15€, two days 20€ (incl. lunch & materials). Participants of all ages are welcome.

Friday 24 June
Performance, Drukkerij de Boog, Voorburgstraat 205, 3037 ER Rotterdam
22:00h, Street parade by Aloardi, starting at Drukkerij de Boog
23:00h, ‘Graffiti cinema’ by Filmwerkplaats, Mirta Demare Art

Supported by Gemeente Rotterdam and CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam). The Mondriaan Fund supports the project by Filmwerkplaats. This exhibition is part of the Aloardi Exchange Program 2016.


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Aloardi Underground Peruvian Festival @ WORM-Rotterdam


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