Aloardi release night in VillaK – The Hague

event 25.11.15 flyer

EVENING PROGRAM (Facebook event link)
Sajjra (PE/NL)
Sajjra is the song project of Chrs Galarreta (guitar, effects, voice, sampler, and sequences). Peruvian contemporary non-musician and composer, very active in the Latin American underground scene since 1994 and in Europe since 2011, with his different bands and soloist projects, such as: Evamuss, Tica and DiosMeHaviolado. Sajjra’s sound has the atmosphere of the slow and heavy Andean processions, keeping the spirit of their traditional music ensembles. But Sajjra also expresses the industrial feelings, that gives his birth-town Lima. Through this mix of influences, Sajjra developed his style and keeps it shining, from his first album (2013) to the beating in ‘The Sun Remains The Same’. Listen here:
Jacco (NL)
After years of being frontman of some infamous bands (gul night out, new age kids) Jacco Weener embarked on a solo career. He performs spiritual one-man shows using improvisation of the space and the audience. Next to that he is a theologian and creates shows about Dutch music history for the Worm in Rotterdam. Listen here:
Pelucho (EQ/FR)
Lucho Pelucho. Member of legendary Ecuadorian metal -progressive–experimental rock bands as Fundamental and Sal y Mileto. Also is in-famous as electroacoustic composer and computer musician in the South American noise scene. A full time geek. Programmer, Guitar Player, Copyright lawyer. Studied orchestral composition, Algorithm Composition, Sonology (Institute of sonology – NL, making get crazy to the teachers 10 years ago), Information Technology, Copyrights and Copylefts (Leibniz Universitat Hannover – DE), Programming, Ethical Hacking and Digital Forensics (EC-Council ETEK – AR). Listen here:
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