Dj Sajjra & Joshua Abrams this Sunday 12 @ WORM, Rotterdam

Sajjra @ St Ettienne by Iaaai Sajjra @ St Ettiene photo by Iaaai
■ DJ SAJJRA (pe)
Founder of the Aloardi collective from Lima / Peru: DJ Sajjra will play a crossbreed of “post-apocalyptic pop, roughed up Andean folk, Peruvian chicha, new/no wave, and all kinds of underground stuff from sixties til now” – all from South America! Sounds crazy? Maybe so, but this stuff will get you going one way or another!
■ JOSHUA ABRAMS NATURAL INFORMATION SOCIETY feat. Lisa Alvarado & Frank Rosaly (us)
Natural Information Society is the name of Abrams’ group that formed in the wake of his records for Eremite. Live the music centers around the sound of the guimbri (a Gnawan lute), integrating composition and improvisation to create hypnotic, highly rhythmic, psychedelic environments with an orientation towards uplift. This incarnation of Natural Information Society will also feature Lisa Alvarado on harmonium and Frank Rosaly on drums.
Composer and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Abrams has released eight albums, collaborated on over a hundred recordings, and composed soundtracks for Steve James’ “Life Itself”, the Emmy award winning “The Interrupters”, and Bill Siegel’s “The Trials of Muhammad Ali”. The New York Times describes his 2012 record, ‘Represencing’ (Eremite) as “music that hints at the ceremonial without losing its modern bearings” and The Wire named his record ‘Natural Information’ (Eremite) one of the top 50 recordings of 2010. The Village Voice picked his record Unknown Known as “one of the top 10 jazz albums of 2013”. He was a founding member of the “back porch minimalism” collective Town and Country and with Matana Roberts and Chad Taylor, the trio Sticks and Stones.
Joshua Abrams – guimbri, double bass
Lisa Alvarado – harmonium
Frank Rosaly – drums
online presale 6 | door: 7  door: 20:00 / concert 20:30
Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA Rotterdam
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