« Dock / Ancien Palais de Justice » 12/01 – 16/02, 2019

I am participating in the sound exhibition “Dock-Ancient Palais de Justice” (Les Brasseurs – Liège, Belgium) curated by Paul Devens and Cedrik Fermont. I participate with a piece called “The Cochlea as a Place for Emancipation (OAE study)”. Below the description of my piece:

An OAE (Otoacoustic Emissions) is a “low-level sound emitted by the cochlea either spontaneously or evoked by an auditory stimulus” *

I consider the Inner Ear as a soundscape in itself that sometimes interacts with external acoustic stimulus. This soundscape is produced by Otoacoustic Emissions among other phenomenas.

With one tone of a 80s keyboard (Hohner PSK75), I recorded a piece that evoke Otoacoustic Emissions in the listener when it is played loud. I find my work with Otoacoustic Emissions as a way to reset our perception in order to wake up and to develope the attention to our inner soundscape.

In a contemporary world focussed in the design of external stimulus to direct our attention to a consumerist and spectacular way of live, the inner “landscape” is sometimes polluted, so we need to clean or to reset it from time to time. The political confrontations for territory are also “inside the ears”. I will publish the piece in http://Sajjra.net as soon as I can. If you are in Beligium try to visit the installation.

*Otoacoustic Emissions: Beyond Newborn Hearing Screening Rebekah F. Cunningham, PhD.

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