Electro-smog and Amplified Hearing (sound-walk)

The project is about indoor and outdoor sound-walks at rural or urban locations
in order to sense and to register vibratory phenomenons that sometimes are imperceptible for humans. These waves could come from electromagnetic fields (electro-smog), from subaquatic and atmospheric acoustic signals, and from spaces listened across the material structure that compose them. These material structures as cars, bridges, grids, etc., become acoustic filters for the surrounding sounds. Wandering through the spaces with blindfolds for a long time, we will be listening to the surroundings of the daily life giving attention to the flow of their acoustic energy and physicality. Avoiding any previous intellectual description or definition of the sound sources, we could alter our perception of the space-time. In this way we will be “composed” by the experience and we could compose with it in the act of walking. This project is a result of my research “HiperOido, invisible sonic debris and continuity”
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02 electrosmog Vienna
I presented this project as sound-walks, workshops and lectures in the Pucalpa Jungle (Aloardi Amazon Research Trip 01/2015), in Valparaiso (Tsonami Festival, 12/2014), The Hague (Stichting Centrum, 11/2014),
Vienna (Academy of Fine Arts, 06/2014), Zurich (Mechatronic Art Society, 05/2014), Bratislava (Micro Zvuk Festival, 12/2013), Ljubljana (Ljudmila, 06/2013), Miramar Lake (Lacandona Jungle, 06/2010), Puerto Maldonado (Aloardi Amazon research trip 08/2007). Below photos from the sound-walk in the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Photos by Matina SimKovikova.
Video of sound-walk & workshop in Tsonami Festival (Valparaiso – Chile, 2014)

Related release. Piece commisioned by Documenta14 (Athens-Kassel, 2017) (Valparaiso – Chile, 2014)

Technical Rider (for 12 participants)
– 4 portable Audio recorders with jack inputs (6 mm) , XLR inputs and headphones . During the sound-walk, I can provide one audio recorder, also the participants can take their own audio recorders better if they have some of the characteristics mentioned above. If there are not enough recorders we can share the equipments and divide  us by groups. I will borrow the sensors.
– White board or similar with pen.
– Internet connection
– P.A. Stereo with subwoofer (if possible) .
– Mixer stereo connected to P.A. & wire for computer (mini-jack stereo) connected to the mixer
– 1 person for documentation and assistance
– Plasma or multimedia projector.
Duration: 5 to 8  hours