‘Electromagnetism: Attraction and Repulsion’

‘Electromagnetism: Attraction and Repulsion’ is about recycling electromagnetic fields to create a sound experience. With a sound walk and a workshop, where each participant builds two electromagnetic sensors.
_MG_7785“Amplified Hearing & Electrosmog” – Chrs Galarreta’s soundwalk , Vienna 22/6/2014.
(Photo by Martina Simkovicova)

In this workshop you will learn to build two home-made electromagnetic sensors: one with a larger reach and one that reach a more narrow. We will use these sensors to take a walk inside the building and on the streets around, to detect and hear the magnetic fields of the area. We can record the sounds of those magnetic fields, which you could later use to make a sound piece. 

The development and use of technological devices is inherently connected to the emission of electromagnetic fields: ‘left-over energy’. As pollution that affects us and other beings. We assume necessities generated by the technological progress and its commercialization and live surrounded by phenomena that we accept as normal in our daily life, despite the consequences it has in our physiologies. We are reasserting our mutation as urban beings. Recycling this invisible waste to induce a sound experience provides it with another meaning, that goes beyond the negative and positive connotations we usually attribute to it. This recycling can be an expressive sample of the constant physiological self-destruction and mutation that is inherent to technological production and human creativity.

Participants: anyone from 10 years old, no previous experience needed
Duration: 5 hours
Technical requirements & materials: Read or download