Aloardi and Evamuss mentioned in review about “History of the Peruvian Electronic Underground Music”

“In the 90s, Neo-Psychedelia would be the elixir of some inner circles such as Crísalida Sónica. This was an active element with a strong presence in the so-called Lima Norte: a whole generation nourished by Post Rock and Intelligent Electronic Music, from which names like the multi-disciplinary Aloardi platform would flourish (…) Under the alias of Evamuss, Christian Galarreta would publish a series of releases from the label-organization-collective ‘Aloardi’, which was also founded by him. A key figure in Lima’s experimental electronic music scene, his involvement in historical acts such as Crisálida Sónica, Evamuss left several sonic pieces that oscillate between post rock, ambient, and the more spiritualized psychedelia of the 90s.”
To read all the review visit this link: A Brief History of Peruvian Underground Electronic Music (90s-00s)

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