HiperOído (workshop)

01_transductores baja
Hiper (from spanish) – prefix that means above, over, or in excess.
Oído (from spanish) – the hearing sense. The ear, as well.
A workshop for students of the Sonology Institute in The Hague . It is based on my essay “Residuos Sonoros Invisibles y Continuidad”, to read here . (currently only in spanish, english version available soon). Building home-made transducers. Field sensing and recording of electromagnetic fields, subacuatic and atmospheric sounds, spaces that function as sound filters and spaces listened across the elements that compose them.
February 15Th (9 – 13 Hs) and 17Th (13 – 17 Hs),  place: stichtingcentrum.org

yacumama 044 baja

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