‘Tupac Amarus’ feedback sound-light installation.
Melismas (voices modulated by Anatolian landscapes) (residences and sound-walk series)
ArkaIra (research project, music score, textile and sound installation)
Electro-smog and Amplified Hearing (sound-walk/workshop)
Invisible Architecture (research project/installation/site-specific performance)
Tupac Amarus (feedback sound-light installation)
Kanichu Manchu Icha Llullacunichu
(generative sound installation)
HiperOído, Invisible Sonic Debris and Continuity
(workshop & research)
Electromagnetic and Acoustic Detritus (performance/live set)
Solstice Noise Procession (sound-walk/parade/dress-design)
Computer Music is Dead (performance/live set)
El Animal Domestico se Incendia (text)
Computer Music Resurrection (performance/live set)
(sound installation)
Electromagnetism: Attraction and Repulsion
Tres Cunas Violadas
(sound installation)
Espacios Sonoros Híbridos en Vías de Cambio Radical (text)
The Void Behind the Football Party (generative sound piece)
Post-Error (performance/audiovisual installation)
For information about the projects mentioned below, email to galchrs [at] gmail [dot] com.
Coágulos II : Noise of Silence
(feedback audio streaming installation)
Streaming Experiences (lecture)
El Grito del Zaraguato (field recording)
Espacios Sonoros Híbridos en Vías de Cambio Radical (text)
Carne Vibrante (sound installation)
Coágulos I (feedback audio streaming intervention)
Amarus (feedback sound installation)
Energía Sonora Residual e Interferencias Humano Máquina (text)
Circuit Bending : modificación de tarjetas musicales y juguetes sonoros (workshop)
Sistemas sonoros retroactivos (text)
Donde No Estan (acousmatic audio session)
Sajjra (sound installation)
Rochola Ruidosa (sound installation)
El Grito de la Yacumama (field recording/live audio streaming/conference)
Streaming de audio y radio por Internet (workshop)
Metamorfósis de la energía (workshop)
Aloardi: las alternativas descansan en los desordenes que podamos generar (conference)
Ruido al Paso 2 (field recording/performance/open archive)
Ruido al Paso 1 ( (urban and rural intervention/performance)
Correspondencias (performance /audiovisual installation)
Esc (urban and virtual intervention)
Laberinto Sonoro (sound intervention)