Invisible Architecture in a tower (research project)

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Invisible Architecture_LP, cover + text

‘Invisible Architecture’ is a collaboration with Janneke van der Putten. In this project we explore the acoustic architecture of a tower through its surrounding sounds, subtle acoustic phenomena and the human voice. Resonances and reverberations are emphasized and prolonged through vocal interaction with sound space and not-conventional different microphone techniques. We want to make the acoustic reflections audible, more than the direct source that generate it. The frequencies, amplitude, modulation of sound textures, as well as the breathing voice rhythm, the position of the microphones and its types, are responding to the qualities of the chosen site and its acoustic characteristics. This work was made in the winter 2013-14 in the tower of the Centre International d’art et du paysage, Ile de Vassivière, France and was supported by the Mondriaan Fund. The compositions have been published in a LP with silkscreened cover (edition of 300) by label Aloardi on 10 July 2014. Here a link to listen.

Invisible Architecture- Janneke singing in the tower

Composition, mixing, microphone techniques by Christian Galarreta. Voice by Janneke van der Putten. Published by label Aloardi, 2014. Recorded in a tower during a residency at The Castle, Centre international d’art et du paysage, Île de Vassivière (FR), 2013. Edition of 300 LP’s with silkscreened cover & inlay. Poetic text by Galarreta & van der Putten. Design together with Koos Siep, printed at De Mesh, Rotterdam.

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Reviews in hisVOICE on 30-6-14 (CZ), Gonzo (circus) #123 on 5-9-14 (NL), El Blog Del Bam on 6-9-14 (PE), Peruavangarde on 10-09-14 (PE), Hiroshima on 2-10-14 (MEX) & Vital Weekly on 4-11-14.
 Invisible Architecture- Christian Galarreta listening in the tower

Invisible Architecture- Christian Galarreta listening in the tower

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A-Musik, Kleiner Griechenmarkt 28-30, 50676 Köln, DE
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Centre international d’art et du paysage, île de Vassivière, 87120 Beaumont-du-Lac, FR
El Anexxxo: Música y desorden, CC El Capullo: Calle Union 147 – Stand C-13, Barranco, Lima, PE
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Invisible Architecture- tower