“Larynx Lux” premiere in Hangar (Barcelona)

“Larynx Lux” (Luz Laringea), my piece for the Voice-Skin project of Janneke van der Putten will be premiered on April 23 in Hangar (Barcelona) . The piece explores trance effects through throat singing and glottis attack vocal techniques, in combination with the exposure of the listener-singer to silence intervals and otoacoustic emissions played by mobile speakers. More information about “Laynx Lux” and other pieces composed by Werner Durand and Philemon Mukarno in the post below. The “Voice-Skin” was developed by Arden Rzewnicki, Jesse Howard and Janneke van der Putten in collaboration with me and the mentioned composers.

Rarefacció: Janneke Van der Putten / Noish

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