“Melismas” residence experience – Héloïse Francesconi’s impressions

Permanent open call and more information about the residence: link
“Melismas (voices modulated by the landscapes of Anatolia)” is a program of residencies and a series of sound walks to listen from a distance to the song of the Azan* modulated by the rural landscape of Demre (Turkey). The residence is organized since June 2021 by the artists Sajjra Xhrs Galarreta (Peru) and Margarita Milova (Russia).
Video trailer credits
Text: Héloïse Francesconi (composer, France. https://francesconiheloise.com).
Pictures and video editing: Margarita Milova.
Sounds: azan singings and Quran recitations recorded at Demre during the residence by Francesconi, Galarreta and Milova.
*The Azan is the Islamic call to pray, sung by a muezzin at prescribed times of the day from a high Minaret placed in a mosque.
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