Melismas (voices modulated by Anatolian landscapes)

Permanent call for residences and sound-walk series 

A self managed residency with series of sound-walks to listen at a distance to the Azan* singing modulated by the rural landscape of Demre (Turkey).
This initiative is based on the ideas I applied when making the field recordings for the composition of “Melismas (voices modulated by Anatolian landscapes)”. This was a radio piece broadcasted by Q-O2 / Oscillation Festival – Tuned Circuits (Belgium) and by the online radio stations Kool Kast (France) and Ma3azef – Badlcukwind show- (Tunisia). The piece consists of raw field recordings acoustically affected only by the landscape, with no post-production effects other than equalization and cross-fades. You can listen to an excerpt of the radio piece in the video above.
It is not required to have any skill in sound, arts or any specific discipline to join this residency.
For specific details about the residency program, conditions, pictures of the locations and COVID-19 regulations, please read or download this PDF file.
For any extra information, please contact me through email : galchrs(at)gmail(dot)com
We can talk via FB chat, Skype and other means too. Email me to coordinate an appointment previously.
*The Azan is the Islamic call to pray, sung by a muezzin at prescribed times of the day from a high Minaret placed in a mosque.