New track in compilation OtO VA 2015 ( Japan )


OtO (Japan) returns today with the release of a limited edition compilation cassette of 70 copies entitled “OtO VA 2015”, containing pieces of artists working within the boundaries of field recordings and experimental music.This tape presents 12 works from the following artists / projects: Emmanuel Mieville, Darius Ciuta, Yiorgis Sakellariou, Birgit Ulher / Gregory Büttner, Francisco Meirino, SALA, Ammonites (Corner, Knight and Chris Whitehead), Chrs Galarreta, Hiroki Sakaguchi, Roel Meelkop, Takanobu Hoshino and João Castro Pinto.
OtO VA 2015 _ oto 008 _ December 2015 | Black Cassette with 16 pages booklet included
Price: 3500 japanese yen _ including shipping / paypal only
To purchase a copy contact Takanobu Hoshino at _
Want to hear excerpts of the compilation, then go->to:

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