Detail installation ‘Invisible Architecture’. Photo Koos Siep.
Review ‘Sajjra’
“Possibly the most significant figure of the Latin American experimental music, Christian Galarreta has a musical production that expands year by year, exploring new sound territories (….). His work as Sajjra is partly influenced by the Peruvian ritual music, without being explicitly perceptible in the sound. The most important is how he is able to recreate the suspenseful, mystical and ceremonial atmosphere of those traditional practices, but through the beauty and the brutality of the noise.” By Jairo Manzur, Latino America Shoegaze. Argentina/Colombia, January 2014. Spanish version: here.
Reviews ‘Computer Music is Dead’
“Chrs Galarreta, a ‘self-taught trans-disciplinarian’, composer and performer, defines a suitable digital set, amplifying the magnetic fields caused by disordered electric parts, obtained by dissecting normal computers and using appropriate sensors for recording. The responsibility of such an enigmatic and provocative title, ‘Computer Music Is Dead’, is well balanced even in the second execution –which follows the same procedure, and is run under Apodio GNU/Linux: forcibly manipulating the graphical user interfaces of software like Mozilla Firefox, Qjackctl and Pure Data. There’s an indirect reference to a form of musical otherness that computer music, is doubly dying: as a medium reduced to mere loose parts, in the theory that ‘pushed’ to its most radical consequences, it is protected from any ‘aesthetic’ and ‘usability’ sophistication.” By Aurelio Cianciotta,, December 2010.
“The computer is only used as a source of electromagnetic energy captured as noise and drones, Software is not even used until the album’s coda, which sees Galarreta monitoring the electrical field as he performs various programming tasks unrelated to audio processing. Bizarrely, it’s by far the most musically enjoyable of the three releases even as it seems to question the validity of its own existence.” By Keith Moliné, The Wire, December 2010. More info here.

Review ‘Invisible Architecture I’

“(…) ‘Becoming Siren’ is like the title points out a bewitching siren-song, whereas Ulysses, in the Odyssey, has the idea to turn you into a brave soldier of poetry. But the music, takes you from the worldly-minded noise, shaking off the skin and filling your heart with transmundane messages full of beauty, dew and wild wisdom (…).” By Wilder Gonzales Agreda, Peru Avantgarde, September 2014. More info here.
Press release ‘The Sun Remains The Same’
The Peruvian media choose Sajjra’s new vinyl, published by Urbanoide Records (PE) / Fougére Musique (FR) / Aloardi (PE/NL) as the best Peruvian release of 2015. Sajjra’s sound has the atmosphere of the slow and heavy Andean processions, keeping the spirit of their traditional music ensembles. But Sajjra also expresses the industrial feelings, that gives his birth-town Lima. Through this mix of influences, Sajjra developed his style and keeps it shining, from his first album (2013) to the beating in ‘The Sun Remains The Same’.
Selected list of recent reviews, interviews and texts
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Review in ‘Dosis Magazine #14’ –by Helene Ramos April 2015 (Sp)
Interviews Glitch video / installation Nikel Nieto / Radio ‘Cazar Truenos’ (Sp)
Radio broadcasts February 2015 / March 2016 (Sp)
Essay ‘Tupac Amarus: geografías audibles y territorios itinerantes’ in ‘La Juguera Magazine’ (Sp)
Review ‘Abandon Debit’ –with Anton Mobin November 2014 (En)
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Reviews ‘Invisible Architecture I’ Vital Weekly (En) / Peru Avantgarde (Sp/En) / El Blog del Bam (Sp) / HisVoice (Cz)
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