Radio piece for Oscillation Festival 2021

On April 30 there will be a live broadcast of `Melismas (voices modulated by Anatolian landscapes)’ my radio piece which will be part of Oscillation Festival 2021 (Brussels). Follow the link below for more details about the festival. The piece is based on raw field recordings of landscapes perceived as radical acoustic filters of Azan singings. In order to share the experience of the development of this piece, soon I will announce a call to participate in a workshop / sound walk that will include a few days stay in Antalya (Turkey). For more information about the workshop write to this email: galchrs(at)gmail(dot)com 
About the piece:
“Even when the muezzins seems to sing the same Azan in the same tuning, rhythm  and at the same time, the distance between their locations (the Minarets) generates microtonal changes in our perception as listeners. I made these recordings in the paths and hills of Demre, a town placed between a chain of mountains and a valley that finishes in the Aegean Sea.  Depending of the position of the listener, you can perceive multilayered echoes and changes in the waves envelopes of the singing, among other effects. So, landscapes could be radical sounds filters and because this also mind-filters.  This phenomenon generates rhythms  which could influence in the timing of the singings for example. These rhythms also are present in other sounds of the surroundings, as the roar of the sea which -according to the weather- could be modulated by eroded wild marble stones , the water and the wind. So all is affected from different angles by the same landscape. This morphic resonance is in constant and retroactive feedback with us.  In the case of the singing: a rhythm suggested by the landscape could generate a musical or visual shape, a shape becomes part of the imaginary of a culture then a mind-set. All this is about tuning. It is a call.” (Sajjra Xhrs Galarreta, extract of an interview with Ugne Vyliaudaite)

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