Residency in Cologne-DE and Tour in Poland

RESIDENCY research ‘Invisible Architecture’
Raumklänge, curated by Georg Dietzler, Cologne, DE
as part of festival Ortsbezogene Musik
03.08 – 10.08 and 29.09 – 05.10, residency
04.10, site-specific performance
Photos by Koos Siep : Performance “Invisible Architecture” in Tent


TOUR performances in Poland
with project ‘Invisible Architecture’ and live set concerts.
Concerts are with electromagnetic fields (Chrs Galarreta) and voice (Janneke van der Putten)
also programmed are Amok, Guguiguisuisui, Muozik and Nowica9
Curated by Rene Kote (aka Muozik)
12.08 Bydgoszcz*
13.08 Toruń
14.08 Kielce
15.08 Polana*
18.08 Grabówka, in a church*
21.08 Sanok
22.08 Nowica
23.08 Lubliniec
24.08 Lubiąż, Slow Down Festival
27.08 Poznan
28.08 Gomunice
29.08 Gomunice
* site-specific performances
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