HiperOído, Invisible Sonic Debris and Continuity

A workshop and research project about the use of field sensings and the continuum audio streaming as a way to alter our perception of space-time in the daily live. Some ways to “hack” the traditional formats to listen, to register, to play and to compose sound and music. Continuum audio streaming and field sensings: electromagnetic fields, subaquatic and atmospheric sounds, spaces that function as sound filters and spaces listened across the elements that compose them.

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Ljubljana (June, 2013)

4 web

 The Hague (January, 2013)

Vienna (July, 2012)




Lacandona Jungle (June, 2010)

Chrs (electromagnetic recordings at Lacandona jungle in Chiapas-Mexico 13-17/08/2010)

Amazon – Puerto Maldonado  (August, 2007)

01_transductores baja