Reviews of some last releases

Review of “Raw Field Recordings II: Electromagnetic Detritus” in Vital Weekly 1094 (NL) / Reseña de “Raw Field Recordings II: Electromagnetic Detritus”
“For some time now Chrs Galarreta lives and works in The Netherlands, having left his homeland Peru, even when he is here too something of a nomad. Traveling to and from places to perform his or install his sound art pieces he is a keen listener to the environment around him. Usually armed with hand-made electromagnetic transducers, which pick up sound that may not be audible to the human ear. On ‘Raw Field Recordings II’ you just get that; raw field recordings without any transformation, from Lima to Vienna and from Paris to the Lacandona Jungle, and it’s all quite noisy with heavy electrical sparks and current, line hum from inside a train, fluorescent lamp, mobile phone or an electric generator box. It is not something you haven’t heard before; think for instance of the work of Joe Colley or Disinformation, but Galarreta does an equally interesting job as those composers, which culminates in the longest track here, a live recording from Paris, in which, so I assume, he uses all of those field recordings (found on this disc, or otherwise) to create a collage of these somewhat unusual recordings, tying him into the world of Colley and Meirino even more. Quite a beauty this recording and with some excellent suppressed aggression.” (Frans de Waard)
Some reviews of MARDOLOR release in Darkroom Magazine (IT) and Vital Weekly 1094 (NL) / Algunas reseñas de MARDOLOR
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