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Here is the album debut of ‘Sajjra’ with new songs (aka Chrs Galarreta: voices, guitar, effects, synthesizer, sequences, field recordings and noises). Very nice cover art printed with offset, gold leaf and silkscreened. All produced by Aloardi label in Lima-Peru, 2013.

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Songs composed, arranged and recorded by Sajjra, except “Flor de repulsa” which is a variation of “México México ra ra ra”, an original song of the Mexican band La Función de Repulsa.
All the tracks recorded in Paris, Nantes, Berlin and The Hague between June 2012 and August 2013, with the collaboration of David Krapoola in the background voices for the track “Flor de repulsa”.
C.G.- Sajjra music is the music for the summer in some traditional Peruvian celebrations. It has relations with noises of nature and with taking risks in the night while going to great natural phenomena, like cascades. These natural elements contain the Supay, which could be the demon for Christians. Supay will teach the people how to play their music. They find Supay in the darkness, in danger. Then they return and sleep, supposedly they dream and then play with their instruments the music and tones they heard in their dream. It is an extrapolation of noises that through the dreams become melodies.
I especially love the sound of the word Sajjra. We used this word before with my collective Aloardi for the title of a sound installation. Because we found the manifestation of Sajjra in the chaotic behavior of the urban context, a hidden wildness in the domestic world.
For me Sajjra has also to do with a saturation of light, a light that makes you feel high. In some songs and in some sounds I try to get a sensation that I see in this light; I like to feel it strong. It is a feeling of pleasure through the pain. The pictures for this Sajjra release refer to this sensation of light. It was at a celebration in Huánuco, Peru. There is a lot of light through the darkness, and a lot of colors, a lot of music. I was fascinated! When I listened to their music, I was always thinking I like to make stuff like this. Their textures remind me of this sensation of over saturation.
J.vdP.- Sajjra is also a feeling and presence that roots oneself. It is a ‘front’, a beginning in the inner personal state, a foundation. In the front cover you see the figure looking to the left, to the past. It’s a vague picture, he looks towards the title, Sajjra. The figure looks into the blurriness of a dream. He stands still, digesting and facing his past.
The backside of the cover is more a surface, like the clarity of a beauty. It concretizes the CD as an object- it is the reality of a checklist, with the song names. Here the figures walk to a ‘future’. They are on the line. But there is also a reminder, in the flash of a ‘walking shadow’ going back into the dream or in the emptiness outside the frame: you see in the left corner the colored strings disappear. In the centered background, against the wall, is a group: they are the music. They are there, like the ever-present and loving family, representing the eternal musical flow, on the side, that don’t go anywhere, but are moving with you.
C.G.- These dressed up people I photographed are warriors
to me; they are dancing the process of a sometimes heavy background representing the community. They are charged with their heavy costumes also, with the music starting again and again, going in cycles. You can feel this new-born rhythm in the release in the song ‘Dexamor’ for example.
In the first song, Infvierno blanco, I was working with monotonous structures, with straight monotonous rhythms. I like the sounds of the machines. I think they are very wild when they are monotonous. I connect it with a Andean dance where they just make these singular rhythms for hours, all the day, with a lot of people playing this tone, very percussive and all at the same time but with different pressures and with microtonal differences. It gives a psycho-acoustical effect in your brain. I am inspired by traditional music dealing with these elements. Maybe they are an influence; I feel very happy that this is in my blood, even if I don’t listen to it everyday.
Pictures & cover art by Sajjra. Text by Sajjra and Janneke van der Putten. Published by Aloardi, October 2013. Alo055.
Thanks to Sabrina Melenotte, Harry Collado and Gabriel Castillo.
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* ‘Into The Light’ by Siouxsie And The Banshees
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