Saturday July 10 , double broadcast!

THIS SATURDAY JULY 10, let’s welcome the New Moon with a double broadcast from France and Tunisia.  LISTEN ON LINE to “Melismas (voices modulated by Anatolian landscapes)” and an interview about the working process of this piece. You can listen to it from two radio shows, each of them shaped differently by the magical sound design of Anton Mobin (Kool Kast – France) and Nidal Taha ( (Ma3azef – Badlcukwind radio show- Tunisia ) .
Ma3azef (Badlcukwind radio show)
11Hs00 LIMA / 17Hs00 TUNISIA / 18Hs00 PARIS / 19Hs00 TURKEY & MOSCOW / 00Hs00 BALI
Kool Kast
15Hs00 LIMA / 22Hs00 PARIS / 21Hs00 TUNISIA / 23Hs00 TURKEY & MOSCOW / 04Hs00 BALI
“Melismas” is a piece based on raw field recordings made on location where the landscape radically modulates the sound of the “Azan” singings coming from the mosques of Demre (Anatolia-Turkey). No effects have been used in this piece. Play it loud!
Image: Sajjra Xhrs Galarreta recording the Azan chants and meeting Supay`s spirit in the mountains during the “Melismas” residency in Anatolia. More information about the open call to participate in this residency in the comments. Photo by Margarita Milova and Sajjra Xhrs Galarreta.
Melismas residences & sound-walks series link

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