Some “Vital Weekly” reviews

Quote about Abandone Debit  CD: ” An endless stream of lo-fi noise sounds streaming towards the listener. Galarreta moves around from very loud passages to more subtle leanings on his beloved antiques cassette machines, all along picking up signals from electrical currents, solar flares or highly amplified mechanics of his device. That may account for the faults in his hardware. A bit long at twenty-five minutes perhaps, but quite nice all the same. Anton Mobin from France works along similar lines; maybe a shared love for lo-fi mechanics is what brought these two together, and Mobin’s piece has the same sort of dynamics between the high and low range, acoustic sounds dropping in and all sorts of buzz, sparkle and hiss that such things come with. Maybe perhaps a bit less of the broken software, perhaps? Two great pieces of vivid, imaginative noise music. (FdW, 4/11/14)
Quote about Sajjra  CDR : “It surely has a dark feeling to it, which might appeal those who like angst-pop and beyond. I didn’t think this was bad music, far from it; I played it with great interest and enjoyed it quite a bit. The Dutch weather is grey and it drizzles all day, so it needs a soundtrack like this.” (FdW, 4/11/14)
Quote about the Invisible Architecture 12″ vinyl : “Whatever it may be, it sounds great. It sounds like a multi-layered voice piece, humming away and maybe has an ethereal feeling to it, like some religious chant, but the more I heard this, the less I thought this was the case. It has a great, refined drone quality with a tranquil atmosphere, and that hoovers perhaps closely to the world of new age, but it’s not. It’s probably too dark for that. This is one of those records you should get two copies of and play them together, slowly altering the speed and make an even bigger choir. Of the three releases this was the one that most appealed to me.” (FdW, 4/11/14)
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