Sound documentation of “El Grito de La Yacumama”

Finally Aloardi publish the sound documentation of the project “El Grito de La Yacumama” (Aloardi, 2007). This album was waiting to be published since 2007, the year that Aloardi produced this project. It consists of 4 Volumes, with audio and original covers. At the end of this post there are the links to listen and dowload the sound socumentation.

The environmental impact of multinational projects such as the construction of the Interoceanic Highway was recorded in these audios in their acoustic, electromagnetic and underwater dimensions. This publication begins with a recording made on August 18, 2007 after an earthquake with serious consequences in southern Peru. You can hear members of the Aloardi collective talking to the drivers of the buses, jammed on the road to Pisco (epicenter of the earthquake). You can also listen to recordings of the soundscape of the route from Pisco to Puerto Maldonado (Madre de Dios) and recordings made in the ecological buffer zones of the Tambopata – Candamo National Reserve.
Participated in Puerto Maldonado: Felipe Del Aguila, Gabriel Castillo Aguero and Sajjra Chrs Galarreta (Sajjra Sajjra). Fabiola Vasquez (Fa Vasquez) and Dennis Pastor Portales participated in Lima. During this project Aloardi participated in the Festival ECOS 2007 (Nantes, France) broadcasting these field recordings via Internet to their followers in Europe and South America.
Listen & download Vol.1
Listen & download Vol.2
Listen & download Vol.3
Listen & download Vol4
See pictures and more documentation about El Grito de la Yacumama
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