Tica. beautiful Mexican re-edition

TICA. Beautiful re-edition in silk-screened CDr & cover in transparent film !!!
Mexican re-edition of the first album of Tica. Thanks to Sergio Sanchez T. (Ruido Horrible – Mexico D.F.) and Jose Maria Malaga (Noxa Records – Arequipa). You can listen & buy it on-line here , in Mexico via Ruido Horrible, and in Peru via Noxa Records or El Anexxxo.

Tica (2004-2008) is a Peruvian band formed by Fabiola Vasquez (voice, hair dryer, keyboard, contact mics, pedal effects) & Christian Galarreta (guitar, pedal effects, keywords, computer).  Mexican re-edition of the debut album of Tica with 2 bonus tracks: “Vox Horrisona” and “Coraxon Xufrido”, that previously appeared in compilations of limited editions. The first album of Tica was originally released by Aloardi – Peru in 2006. The present edition is published by Ruido Horrible (Mexico D.F.) and Noxa Records (Arequipa – Peru).
Includes the studio Tica’s version of “Mi Corazon Sufrido” original song of the  Peruvian cumbia band “Armonia 10”. Tica played this song in many concerts between 2005 and 2008!
The art cover is made by Tica and Ruido Horrible.
Tica is still playing few concerts when the members have the opportunity to meet in Lima or other cities, so to book concerts , keep in touch.

Play it very loud!!!

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