“Uchuraccay” cassette reviewed in Rockbook (Budapest)

“Uchuraccay” cassette reviewed in Rockbook (Budapest) : ” I thought long and hard about what “category” Uchuraccay could be placed in, but I had to realize that behind Sajjra’s alter ego, Xhrs Galarreta, each of his releases is something special inside and out: a documentation of an emphatic performance event, or an experiment that constantly pushes the morally and realistically constructed boundaries of our world. It asks questions and makes us think. It is capable of making time disappear. What lies beyond the psyche or matter? What lies behind low-frequency sounds barely perceptible to the human ear? Does real telekinesis exist? All these questions came to me after delving into them, and I still don’t really know the answers. In any case, fate has brought me together with an artist with an incredibly unique vision.” (By Lupus Canis)
To read all the review visit this link: Rockbook Budapest
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